Action Points (AP) are used to determine how much you are able to do. The maximum amount of AP is 100, and all characters start with 100 when created. When your AP falls below zero, your character will collapse until they regain AP. You may undertake actions that cause you to fall below zero AP, yet this will leave you helpless for a longer period of time. Every hour, you will regain AP. The amount regained depends on your location.

Regeneration Rates Edit

Here are all the different AP regeneration rates per hour.

  • 1 AP when dazed and not inside a building or beside a campfire
  • 3 AP outside
  • 3.3 AP next to a campfire
  • 3.5 AP inside a hut
  • 4 AP inside a longhouse or cottage

Actions costing more than 1 AP Edit

Many actions take multiple AP.

  • Walking in the following locations take two AP:
  • Walking in the following locations take three AP:
  • Walking in the following locations take four AP:
  • The cost of multiple AP movements can be reduced with the appropriate skill.
  • Crafting can take 1-15 AP. Cost reduced with the appropriate skill while in a Workshop.
    • 1 AP to cook raw meat
    • 5 AP for Digging Sticks
    • 6 AP for Sticks, Staves and Timber
    • 10 AP for Herbal Poultices and Herbal Tea
    • 10 AP for Hand Axes, Stone Axes, Stone Spears, and Stone Sickles
    • 15 AP for Stone Carpentry Tools
  • Building can take 10-40 AP.
    • 10 AP for Stockpiles
    • 10 AP for Campfires and Signposts
    • 20 AP for a Dirt Track
    • 40 AP for a Hut
    • 50 AP for each stage of a Longhouse or cottage

Actions costing less than 1 AP Edit

  • Eating doesn't take any AP, nor does feeding food to someone else
  • Speaking costs 0.2 AP
  • Walking in the following locations take 0.5 AP: