A fabled land inhabited by druids who are kind and peaceful but somewhat secretive.

The founding of Edit

It is said by some that the wanderer Jacobi asked of the demi-god Woody to create an island in the wilderness, Woody complied and the isle was made. It was found almost immediately by the explorer John Juraz who was returning from a failed attempt at finding Valhalla to restock, an ocean appeared under him while he slept and when he awoke there was wilderness to the north ocean to the east and west and land to the south he walked onto the island and has been trapped there since as he cannot swim. Jacobi reached the island shortly after and had given directions to a few friends who either visited or have stayed there. Eventually Jacobi and John stumbled onto each other and John helped Jacobi build the settlement of Avalon.

The fall of Edit

Angered by the favor shown to Jacobi or perhaps just because of the nearby floodplains the Nexals attacked and destroyed the settlement.

Jacobi had left for good and John dazed wandered for some time before stumbling ashore on the mainland after several days there he persuaded the locals to revive him. He then returned to Wu only to find that well over half the island had been swallowed up by the sea, the mountains, swamps, and flood plains were all gone and the site of Avalon had changed, no longer were there hot springs to the south of it. Considering this a chance to begin anew and create a settlement he had been thinking of making before meeting Jacobi on the island and so began building huts...

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