December 2010Edit

December 5thEdit

  • Players can no longer be given items, nor take items from stockpiles, when they are fully or overencumbered.
  • The FAQ has been updated to reflect the fact that players who cheat will be banned.

October 2010Edit

14th OctoberEdit

Updates by Miko and Buttercup:

  • New shrine, walls and guardstands
  • Mammoths! And new items made from mammoth loot!
  • Redid farming
  • There is now a maximum to how many animals can spawn
  • UI tweaks.
  • Can no longer spawn on island settlements.
  • Various bugs fixed.
  • Other stuff... Everything from this thread that wasn't already implemented got put in.

August 2010Edit

13th AugustEdit

Fixed a stockpile bug involving taking extra items.

July 2010Edit

15th JulyEdit

Updates by Miko:

  • Damaging buildings was made easier.
  • A bug that allowed dazed players to revive others has been fixed.

March 2010Edit

7th MarchEdit

Updates by Buttercup:

  • Increased harvests and improved watering
  • Various bugs fixed

Januray 2010Edit

23rd JanuaryEdit

Damaging buildings was made more difficult.

Shintolin was moved to a new server.

Shintolin is now open source!

December 2009Edit

9th DecemberEdit

A serious bug (where users would see nothing but a white screen) was fixed.

Players cannot take items from stockpiles within a village they do not inhabit. This is an experiment with stockpile locking, and may not be a permanent feature.

November 2009Edit

17th NovemberEdit

  • Hospitals now provide a bonus when using and crafting healing items.

11th NovemberEdit

  • The chat box was moved to a seperate page.

October 2009Edit

31st October 2009Edit

  • A number of bugs were fixed, namely:
    • Small buildings can now be constructed on dirt and forest tiles.
    • Filling pots now costs AP, rather than giving it.
    • Pots are not used up when baking bread, but are used up when making pots of flour.
  • Absolutely nothing else was changed today.

7th October 2009Edit

  • The IP limit was removed for donating players.

2nd October 2009Edit

  • Shintolin is now accepting donations.

1st October 2009Edit

  • A new healing item was added.

September 2009Edit

20th September 2009Edit

  • Some new skills were added.

19th September 2009Edit

  • The IP limit has been reinstated for version 2; as before, a maximum of 330 hits are permitted from one IP address per day. Note that only hits to the game.cgi script are counted. For example, buying skills or looking at profiles do not count towards your IP limit, but refreshing the page or chatting do.

18th September 2009Edit

  • Town leaders can now choose whether or not to allow newly-created characters to join their settlement.

15th September 2009Edit

  • The interface was de-cluttered slightly, by strategically hiding certain commands. For example, the option to attack will not appear if there is nothing for you to attack.
  • The level cap was increased to 17.
  • Players at max ap, who have not logged in for over 24 hours, will not lose hunger. This is to reduce difficulty for those who do not log in every day.

14th September 2009Edit

  • Stones can be quarried, and players with the masonry skill can now build stone buildings.
  • Buildings are now damaged by periodic storms.
  • Settlement destruction was re-implemented for version 2.

13th September 2009Edit

  • Damaged buildings can now be repaired.

12th September 2009Edit

  • The map screen was re-added.
  • Players without the foraging skill can no longer see the resource level when searching squares (this was an oversight in the new version).

11th September 2009Edit

  • Names of players from the same settlement now appear in green.

10th September 2009Edit

  • A chat box was added.
  • Dropped items no longer disappear - although they do not appear on the map, they may be found by searching in the tile where they were dropped. Items dropped on a tile containing a stockpile are added to the stockpile.
  • Kids these days don't now what it was like to wander the wilderness, they didn't have none of this "civilisation" when I were a lad. New players may choose to start in an existing settlement.

9th September 2009Edit

  • Huts can now be converted into shrines, by players with the appropriate skill. (Note: shrines currently have no effect, their purpose being the challenge of building them).
  • Food will now rot.

8th September 2009Edit

  • Some new animal types (based on player suggestions) were added.
  • Players at 0 hunger will automatically eat, if they have any food.
  • Construction tools are now breakable.
  • When you mouse over the names of players (in the area description box) or settlements, you can read the first few lines of their profile, if set.

5th September 2009Edit

  • Shintolin 2.0 has been launched. New features include a redesigned interface, new animal types, more complex animal behaviour, '/me' commands in messages, the ability to sell skills, plus a number of small tweaks. In addition, several bugs have been fixed.
  • Check the forum for the chance to suggest a new animal to be added to the game.

July 2009Edit

12th July 2009Edit

  • New areas and terrain types have been added to the map.

8th July 2009Edit

  • Animals will now spawn in different regions and habitats (depending on species). Players in the wilderness are now visible on the map.

May 2009Edit

8th May 2009Edit

  • Hares can now be seen roaming the meadows of Shintolin, and deer will now leave the forests.
  • Players with the carpentry skill can now build signposts.

3rd May 2009Edit

  • The interface was tweaked, hopefully preventing a bug where certain elements were overlapping.

April 2009Edit

30th April 2009Edit

  • Players with the Triage skill can now view the health level of other characters. Dirt tracks can now be built on tiles that already contain a building.

19th April 2009Edit

  • The trade system was overhauled; separate prices can be set for buying and selling. In addition, information about which players have trade prices set is visible from the main screen.

18th April 2009Edit

  • Based on player feedback, the interface was rearranged slightly. Leaders can now edit information about their settlements. Buildings can be written on.

17th April 2009Edit

  • Settlements now have leaders, which are selected from whomever has the most support from other inhabitants.
  • Players can now write on buildings.

16th April 2009Edit

  • Settlements now have profile pages, and appear on the rankings screen. Players can join settlements.]

15th April 2009Edit

  • To prevent people registering more than 3 characters, a 330-hit IP limit is now in place.
  • Settlements can now be destroyed

11th April 2009Edit

  • A new highlands region was added to the map. The first village to settle there gets to choose a name for it, of the format "(The) Something Hills".

10th April 2009Edit

  • Images can now be included on player profiles. Actions such as adding fuel to campfires and chopping down trees are now recorded.
  • Multiple heights of hills were added, and AP costs for climbing hills were changed to be more logical (it costs more AP to climb a hill, than to move around once up there). Impassable terrain types were added.

7th April 2009Edit

  • A wandering tribe has settled by a large body of water, which they have named Hermit Lake. There seems to be a different distribution of plant life in that region; some items are more common, some are less so.
  • To allow villages more control over their resources, players that enter a square containing a stockpile can see all items that were added and removed within the past 24 hours. Buildings can now only hold a limited number of users.

6th April 2009

  • Shintoli astronomers are reporting that the pace of life has changed; the years now pass a rate of one every twelve real life days.
  • Inactive players now disappear from the map after 5 days. Their accounts are not deleted and their characters reappear when they log back in.
  • In response to player feedback, players' actions are less limited when dazed; they can now search, give items, trade, and use non-revive items. To balance this, they now regain AP at a much slower rate until they are revived.
  • New players begin the game with three days' worth of food - however, they can only eat it while they remain at level one.

4th April 2009Edit

  • Stone spears can now be used as a ranged weapon, by players with the appropriate skill.

3rd April 2009Edit

  • User profiles are now viewable. Achievement-minded players can now compare their ranking in various attributes.

2nd April 2009Edit

  • Farming has been implemented. Iis has arrived at Eudaimonia's totem pole, bringing supplies of wheat to trade.
  • Crop cycles are effected by seasons, as are search rates and location descriptions. Currently, one season is equal to one real world day - this is temporary, to iron out any bugs in the system. It will increase to one season every three or four days at some stage.

1st April 2009Edit

  • Players can now view a map of the area beyond the their immediate surroundings. Users are now capped at level 15, at which point they can continue to earn XP but not buy new skills. This cap will likely rise as the number of skills rises.

31st March 2009

  • Longhouses can now be converted into workshops, which allow certain items to be crafted for a lower AP cost, or hospitals, where healing items are more effective. However, doing this removes the AP restoration benefits of the longhouse.
  • Players now cook the pieces of raw meat in their inventory all at once, rather than one by one. The AP cost is fixed, regardless of how much meat is cooked.

March 2009Edit

29th March 2009Edit

  • Players can now trade items - try visiting Iis at the starting square to see what he has in stock. Players can also offer items to anyone who revives them whilst dazed.

27th March 2009Edit

  • Buildings can now be attacked and destroyed, and weapons are breakable.

26th March 2009Edit

  • The map was tweaked slightly, hopefully fixing a bug where tiles would display incorrectly.

25th March 2009Edit

  • New players now begin in a random location. Gaining new skills only increases the XP cost for skills of the same type.
  • Longhouses are a new, settlement-only building; they require multiple stages to be built.

24th March 2009Edit

  • Players with the Settling skill can now found settlements.
  • A number of new skills were added. Meat must now be cooked before eating. The hunger system is more forgiving; players have more hunger points, and lose health more slowly when starving.

23rd March 2009Edit

  • Animals now keep to the forests, and some will retaliate if attacked. Campfires burn more slowly, and their fuel levels can be seen.
  • The XP cost of new skills increases as one levels up. Chopping down trees now gives Wanderer XP; the AP cost can be reduced by purchasing the Lumberjack skill.

22nd March 2009Edit

  • Animals can now be attacked. Action Points are now capped at 120, and recover at a faster rate (4 per hour, compared to 3 previously). New areas have been added to the map.

21st March 2009Edit

  • Wanderer XP can now be gained by searching or travelling through forest and hill squares, and spent on the forager skill, which allows players to see the resource level of a square.
  • Deer have been spotted roaming the woods of Shintolin.

20th March 2009Edit

  • Items can now be added to and taken from stockpiles. Forests can be chopped down, and automatically regrow after a set period of time. Dirt also eventually reverts to meadow, and search rates in over-gathered squares slowly recover.

19th March 2009

  • Searching in one location too many times results in that location turning to dirt. The wiki has been created.
  • Players can now give items to one another. Fields can be dug. Campfires now go out if they run out of fuel.

18th March 2009Edit

  • Players can now enter buildings; resting in a hut or by a campfire gives a boost to AP recovery rates. Different thicknesses of forest now exist. The interface was also given a bit of a makeover.
  • The Shintolin IRC channel has been set up. You can join it with an IRC client at irc:// or by joining an EFNet server (/server and joining #Shintolin (/join #Shintolin).

17th March 2009

  • Players can now build huts and campfires. Certain actions give XP, which can be used to buy skills.
  • The game can be discussed on the forum.

16th March 2009Edit

  • Players can now craft stone spears and axes. Actions are now limited by the AP System. Apples and wild onions can now be found, which is useful, as players now lose health if their hunger levels drop below zero.
  • As of today, players can move, search for and drop items, use items on each other, craft items, attack each other, talk, and receive messages about in-game events.
  • A number of new people have appeared in the world, believing themselves to have come from a mythical island named 'Shartak'. A player named 'Kenny' briefly declared himself King after temporarily wiping out everyone else.