Crimson Unity was the tenth settlement to be founded in the world of Shintolin.
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The settlement described on this page has long since been erased from the world – good luck finding the ruins!

The Settlement AreaEdit


Crimson Unity on the 13th of June

Crimson Unity is located in the Feral Hills, near the border of The Wilderness, which of course doesn't provide any resources.The totem pole of the settlement is between two low hills, where you can find flint and stones. Meadows, other hills and - of course - The Wilderness surround the settlement.

If you want to get into Crimson Unity without stepping into water you'll have to make a long way North to pass the rivers - the settlement is pretty much sealed between The Wilderness in North, the Strongholm Marshes in the East, River Saisuku in South and Lake Chuckels and Timeless River in West. Roads lead to Crimson Unity from Deadwood in the West and (North) Strongholm to the East.

History of Crimson UnityEdit


The symbol of founders, the Crimson Clan

The founding of a settlementEdit

When Waak, a lonely Nobody ended up into Shintolin he had a desire for his own settlement. After few months of wood chopping in Woodia Eschate he moved North, into The Feral Hills and found a place for his settlement - not exactly the best in the world, but at least it was still free.

Time passed and a few members of a tribe called The Crimson Clan found their way to the area where they would build their home. On Mid Summer, Year 5, Waak build the totem pole between a low hill and The Wilderness - Crimson Edge was founded.

The Crimson Clan leaveEdit

After merging the two tribes the Crimson Clan began moving their citizens towards Citrus Hill, leaving Crimson Edge almost empty. Citrus Hill's one-time co-leader, AlexanderRM, who recently had fallen into disrespect, was sent to the settlement to be its new leader, after being banished from Citrus Hill by their new overlords, the Crimsons.

Rogues, scoundrels and thievesEdit

During AlexanderRM's reign, Crimson Edge became instable. Known thieves and criminals began flocking to the area, making it a highly dangerous area. The village's state soon came to the notice of Citrus Hill, who resolved to send some troops to the area.

However, before the afore-mentioned troops got very far, Strongholm, having noticed the turn of events at the Edge, decided to do something about the situation to protect themselves. When a member of Strongholm's close ally Deadwood was dazed while travelling through the settlement, things soured quickly.

Trouble ensuesEdit

Members from Deadwood and Strongholm moved in, dazing two known criminals hiding in the area. Several members of Crimson Edge were found dazed. A conclusion was reached by these two settlements: Crimson Edge was no longer safe for travellers -- or even its own members.

A non-hostile takeover occurred. The original members were revived and the village was renamed Unity, to highlight Strongholm's and Deadwood's . "Crowbar" was elected as the temporary leader.

Citrus Hill was not happy about this, and some tension occured between the two blocs.


On the 4th of August, the conflict was taken to a new, potentially dangerous level. Soldiers were sent from Citrus Hill, heading towards the Strongholm Marshes and the 36-odd members of Strongholm and North Stronghlom.

Peace, stability and a bright futureEdit

But before even a few hours had passed, the leaders of the settlements involved realised that war isn't something that should be allowed to contaminate our fair world. So they made an agreement. Unity was renamed Crimson Unity; the Strongholm-Deadwood coalition's troops stayed to maintain peace and lawfullness; and when the Crimson Clan were once again able to, they could lead. Improvements to the Crimson Unity infrastructure were soon started by the three of the tribes now involved, according to the plan Crowbar had made.


  • 10th Settlement (founded in Mid Summer, Year 5. In RLT settlement was founded on 30th May 2009)
  • 3rd Settlement in Feral Hills region
  • Has been renamed twice.