Adding a NationEdit

1. Create A Nation Page

Creating a Nation page is a good idea to hold a manifesto, general history, and leadership information As well as alliance contact information potentially.

It's here you'll want to do the next step.

2. Create Your Category

Creating the category is necessary to hold all the pages relating to the nation in one place.

  • Create a unique abbreviation to use as a category label for your nation.
    • (Ex: RLE, Red Lemon Empire) for short nation names, the word works too.

When you create a nation page, simply add the category name you chose. After you save, you should see a red link with your category. If you click the link you will bring up your list of pages that are under that category and the editing window, there you'll want to Add your Nation's Category to the CATEGORY: States

3. Create your Settlement Pages / or add Nation Category to preexisting one

Create your settlements pages, make sure to add them to the Settlements category, as well as your Nation Category.

  • When a new settlement enters into the nation, simply add the nation category tag to the settlement.
  • When a settlement leaves the nation, remove the nation category tag from the settlement, if it still exists.


  • I create the Lame Llamas Nation and go by LLL.
  • I create the Nation Page The Lame Llamas and add it to the CATEGORY: LLL
  • I edit the LLL Category page by adding it to the CATEGORY: States
  • I create 1 Settlement Page: LlamaVilleand add it to the CATEGORIES: States & LLL
  • I am allied with preexisting Settlement w/ a preexisting page "MoeTown".
  • I edit MoeTown by adding the CATEGORY: LLL

Adding an AllianceEdit

1. Create your Alliance Page

A page similar to the Nation Page. It can contain information such as Manifesto, purpose of the Alliance, reasons for Allying with each other, lifetime of the Alliance, a list of those involved past and present.

2. Add new Category for your Alliance

Very similar to the Nation Category- You can shorten the Alliance name to an Abbreviation (BBA) or use a keyword like (BLAH)

When creating your Alliance Page, add your alliance category (BBA or BLAH) to the page.

Create your category by clicking the red link after you save your alliance page.

  • Add the CATEGORY: Alliance to the CATEGORY:BBA

3. Add Category of the specific Alliance [BBA] to Settlements & Nations

When a new settlement or Nation joins an Alliance, simply add the Alliance Abbreviated Cat for that specific Alliance to the categories of the party currently joining. When a settlement or a Nation is no longer part of an Alliance, remove the Category from the Settlement or Nation.