Located on the western shores of Hermit Lake , this small settlement clings to a barren grey strand of beach along the shore of a large lake. The huts are backed by unexplored wilderness. Cold winds blow here in the winter and the soil is of poor quality. Some experimentation is being done with net fishing from the shore.

The village of Greystrand Iceni.



A totem pole was first erected at this site formerly called Nanisivik (founded by an alt of Mango). It was soon abandoned and later became the camp of random wanderers. Eventually a few arrived that wished to make this their home. After Jsrbrunty, a member of The Crimson Clan, joined the settlement after its abandonment the settlement was known as "Crimson Citrus" for a brief amount of time, being under the rule of Citrus Hill. However, the Citroits and Crimsons abandoned it due to distance from their home and its remote location. However, few that had occupied the area after the abandonment of Nanisivik were still hanging about.  A wandering cartographer came in and convinced the serious inhabitants to support him as Chieftain.  At this point the name of the settlement was changed to Greystrand in reference to the lonely, empty shores upon which it stands. This first leader did not wish to stay in power, being a wanderer by nature, so support was given to Boudica, one of the first who came to this place to call it home when it was no more than a rowdy camp.  Boudica had ties to an ancient clan known as the Iceni and this name was attached to the settlement name to create the Greystrand Iceni settlement that we know today.  Under Cheiftainess Boudica's guidance the settlement has grown and flourished even under the lack of local resources they have faced.



The leader and current chieftainess of the village is Boudica.  She enjoys the full support of her people.  The settlement has more or less friendly relations with any nearby towns and is not largely involved in the politics of the larger world, being quite isolated and out of the way. 

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Not much is known of their culture. They live in an area not many people would adventure into due to the scant resources in the area. They are known to be god fearing folk who believe their gods will reward them for all the trials they have faced.  They are very friendly to non-aggressive visitors and many have rested their weary feet in the village longhouse.