Hermit Lake is the largest lake in Shintolin and also the first. It's large enough to hold three small islands (a region called Scavenger Isles). It's tributaries are River Euphenics and Winding River flowing near Brad Dahlia's Way. Also River Dea gains its flow from the lake. Hermit Lake is also the name of the region of the said lake's shores discluding the islands.

History of LakeEdit


Hermit Lake, the lake itself, the region surrounding it and Scavenger Isles Region in the middle

There are documents of the lake's excistence in the beginning of the world's timeline. However, the lake and the region surrounding it gained their name when the second village created, Citrus Hill was founded on the shores of the lake. During that time the village was lead by Jacobi who gave the name to the largest lake in the world back then and nowadays.

At the start the lake featured only one small island which was populated. However, the residents of the said island failed to found their village as The Draugr Nation created their second village on the shore of the lake. Lucky for them, the lake expanded south- and westwards, revealing two more islands. This expansion was enough for the islanders to found their village and create the first island-only region.

Although Hermit Lake hasn't grown since then, the River Dea appeared on the map and quickly made the lake and the river it tributes major parts of the world's scenery.

Culture & History of RegionEdit

The lake shores boasts lots of different cultures but two stood out - Draugrs and Crimsons. Unlike many of the region's village states Draugrs and Crimsons were more centralized in the feudal system and created The Draugr Nation and (The First) Red Lemon Empire respectively. Although Draugr Nation was older and boasted a larger territory of the two states, RLE had higher count of population. The two nations bordered each other in the north-eastern shores of the lake, nearby the mouth of River Euphenics. Otherwise the lake kept the two kingdoms apart, Draugr in the Northern shores and RLE on the Eastern shores.

On the Western shores only one village still stands - Greystrand Iceni, shortly Greystrand. The village was first founded as "Nanisivik" on a rocky shore between The Wilderness and the lake. Nothing good came with it, as the village caused the Scavengers to create their village on the South-Eastern island, blocking the Eastern shores of the lake and angrying the residents of Citrus Hill. Nanisivik was then taken under Citroit rule as "Citrus Shores". The said village was then abandoned after Nampen was founded and merged with Citrus Hill to form Red Lemon Empire. Despite the desolate and harsh location, some wanderers claimed it for their home and have created their own nation, Icenian Empire, between the lake and Wilderness.

On the Southern shores, more closer to the Wilderness than the lake, resided Xanadu. This village and it's history, however, are far from documented, and currently there is Icenian trading post.