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Hillside Tavern was a settlement in the Feral Hills region. It was founded in mid summer year 2.

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Ruins I don't see any place called "Eudaimonia" on the map...
The settlement described on this page has long since been erased from the world – good luck finding the ruins!

"Welcome to the Hillside Tavern, weary traveller! Feel free to sit down and have a nice, foaming stoup of beer. Most our employees are gathered here:

Over there by the door is Dalt, our bouncer. He's also a mean dart-thrower, if you ever get him in the mood.

Behind the counter there is Mem... Yes, she's the one giving you angry looks... She's our barmaid and keeps most of the other drunkards around here in check. The man by the bar trying to lean in to her blouse is Louis, he's pretty much a resident regular. Came in from nowhere and put down a big sack of meat for us, very generous. Quite the mystery man, but he's happy with his lodgings and the company I suppose.

In the corner sits Suho, our resident quack, and the *cough* man whose head he's bandaging is Willie, our custodian.. Though he sure doesn't seem to get much work done. *whispers* He's seen the bottom of one too many pints it seems. Apparently he seems to have fallen off the long house roof for some reason. Claims it was the birds who made him do it..

Tanga Tanga, our carpenter.. She should be hammering away on one of the houses outside I gather, says he jumped. Odd man that Willie.

Suho, by the way is also our chef. Quite convenient for when he gets bits and pieces left from doctoring.

Well, that fellow hammering away at a piece of flint is Joshua. He's our resident craftsmith. He likes making things. Lots of things. In fact, he's built up two of our longhouses. He's real touchy about people messing with his tools, though.

Then we have our bellboy, Bjorn.. He's not around at the moment, though he seldom seems to be eihter. He's pretty hard to get a hold of, running around the place all the time. *whispers* I say he's just trying to clear away from any real work, me.

And that just leaves me. I'm Dex. The bartender of this fine establishment. Hah, don't let the title fool you. We here believe in running things together. I just serve beer and help with any carpentry work Willie has neglected. Anyway! Welcome!

Now, how about I get you something to drink?!"

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Hillside Tavern! A resort community for the whole family!

Well, not really. It's a bar, it's a pub, it is a tavern. Leave the kiddies in the hut and drop by for some of the local brew. Hillside Tavern is intended to be neutral territory where all of peaceful intentions are welcome. We look forward to having good trade relations with one and all in Shintolin.

As for those without peaceful intentions, well.......... you don't want to cross our bouncer, I'll leave it at that.

Hillside Tavern was founded by our glorious leader, The Bartender, sometimes also known as Dex. At the moment, we are a small community but hope to attract like minded drunks and reprobates to keep the party going!

You are welcome to drop by, bring meat!

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Our honorary employees have in some way contributed to the Hillside Tavern and will always get a beer on the house.

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