One day in real life time (RLT) corresponds to one month or one third of a season in game time.

For reference, 2009 April 23 is Late Spring of Year 2. (Seasons are divided into "Early", "Mid" and "Late".)

The below events are approximate, because many of the exact dates are fuzzy in the memory of Shintolin elders.

See also: the Chronicles of Shintolin

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Hourglass RLT: July 24th 2010
Early Summer
Year 40

Prehistory (Year 0)Edit

Humanity has been wandering the world of Shintolin for thousands of years, hunting and gathering to survive. Recently, some have tired of the nomadic lifestyle and have begun to settle down. Maybe you will join them, or maybe you will continue to wander the wilderness as your forefathers have done for generations.

2009 March 16 - 2009 April 8

  • Time keeping has not been invented yet.
  • First people appear in Shintolin. (First players start playing)
  • The inhabitants of Shintolin discovers the calendar. According to the planetary alignments they conclude that the current date is Mid Winter Year 0 (April 7th 2009 RLT) The game changed from 4 day years to 12 day years RLT. The first recorded events in time were made possible.
  • The settlement Durnion is formed late winter Year 0.

Year 1 Edit

April 9 - April 20

  • The settlement of Arboros is founded in early summer.
  • The settlement Hysteria is founded in mid summer.
  • The settlement Deadwood is founded in late autumn.
  • The settlement of Draugrskog is founded in mid winter.

Year 2 Edit

April 21 - May 2

  • Early spring (April 21) A brutal winter (the longest winter ever recorded until now) with severe food shortages ends.

Year 3 Edit

May 3 - May 14

Year 4 Edit

May 14 - May 25

  • In early spring the first settlement to be founded in Shintolin, Eudaimonia, comes under new leadership and changes name to Vackra Alskade.

Year 5 Edit

May 26 - June 6

  • In early spring Woody, the leader of Woodia Eschate declares war on The Draugr Nation, claiming casus belli in the Draugr's success and rapid growth. There is some speculation regarding Woody's state of mind, as he doesn't seem quite himself.
  • Shortly after declaring the war Woody becomes its first casualty. TheCaptn, Jarl of Draugrskog, becomes its second but is revived before any AP loss occurs.
  • In early summer Woody, the leader of Woodia Eschate is deposed. He is replaced by Lisalia through a Draugr coup d'état . Thus the conflict begun in early spring is truly ended.
  • Also in early summer, the settlement of Crimson Edge is founded.

Year 6 Edit

June 7 - June 18

  • In spring people of Vackra Alskade and other Western settlements declared a preservation upon the forest nearby Vackra. The reason for this was a tribe chopping down wood a lot, turning a huge area to meadows.
  • In early summer the settlement of Woodia Eschate is founded.
  • Around this time the Society of Helpful Individual and Tonk is formed, and moves to Mount Crom.

Year 7 Edit

June 18 - June 29

  • In Late Winter, after Woodia Eschate's desolation, the settlement comes under new leadership and is renamed Zujingshen.
  • The Weeping Woods and The Dark Forest regrow extremely fast after Woody succeeds in his ritual to honor Mother Earth.
  • People share tales about the mysterious marshes in the east - colonists are ready to look for new places to live.

Year 8 Edit

June 30 - July 11

Year 9 Edit

July 12 - July 23

  • New area has been located south of Citrus Hill. People say some explorers have lost themselves in the region with nothing but meadows.
  • Scavenger Isles and Greystrand Iceni are both founded in Early Summer.
  • Strongholm is founded in the new region called Eastern Marshes during Late Summer.
  • North Strongholm is founded in Mid Winter.
  • In mid winter The Crimson Clan (most of the residents of Crimson Edge) join the village of Citrus Hill and elect their commander, Waak to lead both Citroits and Crimsons. Some people consider this as non-violent coup.

Year 10 Edit

July 24 - August 4

Year 11 Edit

August 5 - August 16

  • A new time comes upon us. Leading minds realize the possibilities of working larger pieces of rock, handling clay and grounding wheat into flour for baking. (Shintolin 2.0 is released)

Year 14 Edit

September 10 - September 21

  • Citrus Hill and Nampen amalgamated into the Double Monarchy of Crimson Citrus (Crimson Citrus Kingdom for short) early in the year. Later the state is turned into a more centralized Red Lemon Empire.
  • Anti-Strongholm coalition is created in secret.
  • Durnion is destroyed, mostly by members of Tonkytown. They destroyed the settlement in revenge for kralmir recruiting bandits his anti-Strongholm coalition after the said organization (and its PKer recruiting) was ratted out by a member.
  • First - and last - international trial follows. In the end only kralmir is found guilty for "inhumane activities". Other coalition leaders either turned against kralmir, turned the coalition in or had their charges dropped.
  • Hundreds of strange people flood the land, saying they have come from "The Nexus", and that this is the New Earth. The influx begins in Mid Autumn.

Year 15 Edit

September 22 - October 3

  • Durnion is destroyed in Late Spring by Tonkytown.
  • In Early Summer St. Germaine is founded by the travellers from the Nexus, or "Nexals" as they are called. Meanwhile JohnRambo seizes control of Zujingshen and renames it Rambonia. Some say that Woody managed to escape.
  • In Early Autumn the Draugr found their third settlement "Draugrskaal".
  • In Mid Autumn Goon Gorge is founded by the Rambonians as a base to harvest rock from the Northern Crags. At the same time the second Nexal settlement is founded and named Cromahl-Hult.
  • In Late Winter Běiménkǒu is founded.

Year 16 Edit

October 4 - October 15

  • In Early Spring a group of sentient animals, whose likes noone has seen before, gather and founds the settlement Elephantopia Pen Island Northcamp on the Latis Plains. Meanwhile Tonkytown sets up their mining settlement in the Northern Crags and baptises it Oggburgh.
  • In Early Summer the settlement Foghaven is founded.
  • In Late Summer a group of vicious bandits calling themselves "the Marauders" overtake Citrus Hill by force and rename the settlement Marauder's Mound.
    • They continue by attacking, sacking and destroying Nampen. Citrus Hill gains back its rightful government.

Year 17 Edit

October 16 - October 27

  • In Mid spring Oggburgh is destroyed after the Tonkians have declared the project a "failed attempt at a mining town" and left it to it's undoing.
  • "The Marauders" try to overtake Citrus Hill once again - this time their attempt is far from successful. At the end of the year most of "the Marauders" have been dazed by the troops of Red Lemon Empire with some help from Vackra Alskade.

Year 19 Edit

November 9 - November 20

  • In early winter, Something Happened. Accounts of this Something vary, and it is believed to have been a widespread fog, plague or blizzard linked to animals. Coincidentally, at the same time develpoments in medicine led to hospitals working properly.

Year 20 Edit

November 21 - December 2

  • After recovering from failed assault in Citrus Hill "the Marauders" start to harass peaceful Arboros. The internal community responds to it with much more noise than in the first three assaults.

Year 23Edit

December 27 2009 - January 7 2010

  • First drum broadcast of Radio Free Shintolin (working under NSC) in Early Summer, in the beginning of The Nexal War.

Year 24Edit

January 8 - January 19

Year 26Edit

February 1 - February 12

  • Freyja, long-time leader of Vackra Alskade, goes forth into lands unknown in Mid Spring.

Year 31Edit

April 14 - April 25

  • A meadow clearing, forming Glyph of Marqai, appears in The Dark Forest in Mid Autumn.
  • Sometime before the winter the settlement of WitchHollow was destroyed. No one who did this, when, how or why.

Year 39Edit

July 9 - July 20

Year 40Edit

July 21 - August 1

  • On Early Summer Draugrvik - the last active standing settlement of The Draugr Nation - is destroyed. Some remaining residents are move on to create a new home for themselves, and reestablish Draugrskog in a new location.

Year 46Edit

September 30 - October 11

  • In Spring attacks on the settlement of Babylon begin. By the end of the year, Babylon is no more.

Year 47Edit

October 12 - 23

  • In Late Spring, the Apprentices Miko and Buttercup make large changes, including walls, mammoths, and fewer animals. There is much rejoicing.
  • After a prolonged hunt involving the Nexals and the Golden Horde, the first mammoth finally falls.

Year 58Edit

  • In late winter a person mentioned Shintolin on the /v/ section of 4chan. An in-character explanation is still being formulated.