The Kashad are a tribe of barbarians that make their home in the Westwood. They come from Kirrad, which was burnt down after a Nexal invasion. The surviving Kirradeans fled into the Westwood and became feral, warring, barbarians. Most of the Kirradean culture was forgotten, but the Kashad still retain alot of it; like the Kirradean gods.


The Kashad don't follow the Kirradean pantheon exactly, but the base principles of Kirradokism are still there. The old religion was mutated by time and the feralization of the tribe, and the old ways of worship are forgotten. Here is the known pantheon of Kashadism:

Kirrah'dok - the creator

Gurnak - war, strength, courage.

Urtnan - building, crafting, labor.

Falmok - farming, hunting, foraging, and the keeper of the spirits of nature.

Talton - luck, chance, fortune, great gatekeeper of the realms.

Hurgan - health, medicine.

Nur - knowledge, learning.

Rennok'zurah - punishment of the unholy. Keeper of Xan'bahr.

K'tash - wealth, trade, prosperity.

Eirgnar - Elements (fire, water, earth, air)

Realms of the afterlife:

Karthan - you died a warrior's death to get here. Much like norse Valhalla.

Xan'buhr - You've died a coward's death to get here. Much like Hell.

Lan'karth - you didn't die in battle, but you were honorable. Much like Heaven.

Life in the Kashad tribe:Edit

The Kashad love war, but they like to decide when to fight one, so they keep to themselves untill they are able to wage one. The Kashad eat honeycombs, stags, hares, and it is celebrated when a great hunter kills a bear for his kin. The Kashad do occasionally farm, but they have no water and hunting is a big part of Kashad culture (along with war and religion). The Kashad despise outsiders and like killing them, so be warned about them. If you bear gifts for them, you will be spared and will earn the right to stay in the village for a night. The Kashad hate outsiders, but if trade is proposed they will usually accept. Kashad do not usuallt attack their trade partners, for to do so is to damage the prosperity of the tribe.


The Kashadic tongue is a very glutternal low pitched language. Very little is known. Kashad use it to talk amonst themselves but they use the common language to talk to traders.