The Knights of St. Joan
Flag of the Knights of St. Joan
Nexal Banner of the Knights of St. Joan
Vital statistics
Type Peace Keeping Corp
Location Northcamp, isolated others.
Inhabitants Classified

History Edit

The following is a short recollection of the history of the Knights of St. Joan.

Founding Edit

The Knights were founded shortly after the end of the The Nexal War. Roderik, a commander during the war, found himself restless following the conflict. While sitting in his longhouse one day, he decided he would not go back to the meager life as a hunter and politician he had previously had, he founded the Knights for the purpose of keeping peace through out the known world. He gathered a few of the remaining soldiers he had served with, and they were the first Knights.

Decline Edit

The Knights, though having a strong start, declined shortly after as the world suffered a severe drop in population, drastically depleting the order's numbers.

Revival Edit

After wandering for some time, Roderik found his way to Northcamp, recently renamed to The Jolly Lavian. It was there, Alonai asked him to join his Knights with Northcamp to assist her with the Empire. Despite much protest from those around him, he agreed.

Information Edit

The following is basic information about the order.


Knight-Commander Roderik

Châtelain Snakeyes

Ranks Edit

Knight-Commander: Supreme commander of the Knights of St. Joan, currently held by Roderik

Châtelain: The military commander and majordomo of a priory.

Paladin: A knight who has distinguished him or herself in service to St. Joan. Currently no one holds this position.

Knight-Captain: An officer in the Knights, commanding knights and squires in the field.

Knight-Errant: An officer responsible for patroling large distances and coordinating locals in military operations.

Knight: A soldier in the order, and trainer of new squires.

Squire: A newer member of the Knights, one who serves under a knight until he's deemed ready enough to fully join.

Locations Edit

Northcamp: Frequently patrolled location, and part time residence of several knights.

Laketown Priory: The main head quarters for the order. Commanded by Knight Commander Roderik.

Westwood Priory: The northern outpost, commanded by Châtelain Snakeyes.

Allies Edit

The following locations are friendly to the Knights, and enjoy the protections and privileges that come with that status.


Joining the Knights Edit

Anyone looking to join the Knights of St. Joan should speak to Roderik, mostly found in Northcamp.