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Map Unavailable
Vital statistics
Type Empire, Brewery
Location Latis Plains
Inhabitants Nexals, McCreas
Contact N/A
Ruins I don't see any place called "Eudaimonia" on the map...
The settlement described on this page has long since been erased from the world – good luck finding the ruins!

Immanis Et Innanis, Now and AlwaysEdit

A village located along the western bank of the river Dea, populated by kilt wearing former denizens of the nexus who, having "arrived fashionably late", and having been rather peaceful (as far as demons of the nexus go,) if loud, Clan McCrea members now feel an undeniable desire to build a village, grow wheat, hunt buffalo, and be loud. Not necessarily in that order. There is talk of a vague plan to trade booze to nearby towns, but... "Fermentation... it's so hard to retro-engineer!"

Clan McCrea members are friendly, and often inexplicably drunk, even though they swear they don't have a still, and there's no sign of a brewery. Still, they stumble drunkenly about the village, most bearing the marks of their former selves, visibly or invisibly.

True, when they first arrived, they immediately erected a large earthen pot near their totem pole, piled wood around it, gathered some onions, and began to make spears, but then they learned cannibalism wasn't an option, and now the cook pot is a jacuzzi. Or at least it's a warm bath. They're still trying to figure out how to build it a "Magic Bubbles" mode.


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