North Strongholm

Warning: This settlement is only accessible for hunter-gatherers and cavemen over 18. Minors will be dismissed.

North Strongholm, a village in a bog and the first colony of Strongholm. They have pretty much everything you need to maintain an awesome village. They only ask that if you rest in the cottage, you must snuggle.




On the 24th of July 2009, after careful preparation, a settlement were built on the northern side of the Eastern Marshes. Crowbar soon became the village's leader.

Trouble in marshadiseEdit

During the early days of North Strongholm, a couple of people not affiliated with Strongholm arrived. They brought much trouble to the young community. They were later revealed to be rogues, coming from various settlements were they no longer were accepted.

New leadershipEdit

During a chaotic turn of events, Crowbar left the village in early August, instead becoming the leader of the newly renamed Unity. Hawke, supposed son of Crowbar and Miss Elainious, were democratically elected to rule the settlement.


On the 4th of August, after that the Crimson Clan/Strongholm - Deadwood coalition conflict turned into something that began to look like a real war, troops began to flow into the marshes, possibly with North Strongholm as their destination. Members of this hostile force were soon dazed, as a way to protect the order, stability and peaceful ways of Strongholm and it's beloved child, North Strongholm.

Peace at lastEdit

The war soon ended, without any further casualties. Strongholm and Deadwood soon began continuing to improve the newly renamed Crimson Unity's infrastructure, by among other things building roads, possibly between CU and North Strongholm.

New(er) LeadershipEdit

North Strongholm has since settled into a quiet... very quiet little village. It is now run by Sister Cubs and boasts a population of 3! The people that do choose to live out in the marshes do so in a peaceful and calm manner. Stop by if you need bread or dead crocodiles.