The Northern Crags are at the far north of the map, to the west of the Feral Hills. The ground is mostly bare stone, although there are patches of grassland, and several streams flow down to the south, springing from hot spring sources in the area. Cliff faces border the region, climbing up onto hills on the other side, and boulders can be mined from the cliffs. Being only traversable with the cliff-climbing skill, the cliffs form a naturable barrier to the North and to the West, although there is a pass in the North-west that leads into the far North of the Westwood.


Stonetown sits in the south-west of the region, near the Westwood, in the same place that the Void used to sit. The cottages that were built endemically fell into disrepair and were destroyed by the passage of time, leaving the once-proud city as naught but a ruin until kyu came and rebuilt it. A mighty empire of stone now stands in the north of the world, under the firm guidance of Ivar the Boneless and protecting itself from the incursions of bandits with strong walls.

Foghaven once stood in the east of the region, close to the Feral Hills, until the zergs came upon the city and the place was wiped from the map.

Bugville Memorial Gardens stands in the north as a sad testament to what once was a peaceful community, destroyed for the sake of cruelty.