The Creator Edit

Iis. Creator of Shintolin. Also known as: the Dreamer, Isaac. Formed the world of Shintolin out of nothingness and allowed life to spring from its ground. In addition, known to have personally brought wheat to Shintolin, stopped the Great White and founded Valhalla.

Demi-gods Edit

Woody, the world-shaper. Patron of forests. Formed most of the physical world out of the wilderness. Famously restored the forests of Shintolin. Founded Woodia Eschate. Believed to have been stripped of his powers after becoming too close to the corruptions of mortals.

Buttercup, apprentice. Patron of meadows and protector of stockpiles.

Miko, apprentice. Patron of jello... er, rivers and oceans. Showed the people of Shintolin how to build walls.

Local deities Edit

Rando, god of pie and chaos. Or chaos and pie. Whichever. Rando is the incarnation of the Random Number Generator.

Chernobog, god of destruction, storms, and water. Notable for being the patron god of the Grand Dahlia. Totem Poles are sacrificed to him by his adherents in the Altan Ord.

Tengri, god of the sky and the wilderness. Frequently worshipped by nomadic raiders, such as the Altan Ord, and the Pancake Knights.

Bokrug, lake monster. Alledgedly lives in Lake Bokrug. Was worshipped by the people of Witch's Hollow.

Masumi, empress. Worshipped by the Nexals as goddess-empress, who claim she stopped the Great White.

Meeyew, fierce feline goddess. Goddess Meeyew watches over the Red Lemon Empire.

Miejoe, immortal priestess and empress. Prophet of Goddess Meeyew who she shares a symbiotic bond with. High Priestess-Empress of the Red Lemon Empire.

Rosslessness A mortal, who through his own arrogance became an indestructible, unmoving totem pole. Now freed, people generally expect him to be taller.

Sazibi, wolf. Worshipped by the Night Lords. Embodies the duality in all things in the form of two opposed wolves.

The Nexal Elder Powers. In particular Marquai, whose glyph is carved into the Dark Forest, and Alonai, who possibly lead Northcamp, as well as the other seven.

Waak, emperor. Through Goddess Meeyew's blessing he obtained divine powers which effectively transformed him into a demi-god. God Emperor of the Red Lemon Empire.