River Dea is the largest and longest river in Shintolin. The river is so wide that a person has to know how to swim in order to cross the river thus making it a "dividing force of the world" for low-leveled players.

River Dea flows from Hermit Lake into an ocean, forming curves when it passes through Latis Plains. In Latis Plains a player has to be aware that certain areas suffer from flood every Spring so watch your feet. It has to be noted that River Dea has a tributary - Border River, a river flowing from Strongholm Marshes and through Lake Bokrug (also known as Border Lake).

Bypassing the river Edit

As River Dea is the largest river and one of the longest ones making your way to the other side of the river is very hard if you can't swim. There are only two ways to bypass the river - from north and from south.

Northern trail requires the walk around Hermit Lake. This route is rather safe one as many non-aggressive villages reside on the coast of the lake (most notably Citrus Hill, Draugrvik and Greystrand Iceni). This, however, is rather long trail due to Hermit Lake's size.

Southern trail is a trickier job: you have to cross two elements that slows you down significantly in the game - water and The Wilderness. Deep water of River Dea goes rather far away into the ocean and thus forces you to swim to the other side of the river. But when you reach the shore you'll have to either go through Wilderness (2AP / move) or go along the shallow water of the river (4AP / move for a player without Swimming). This trail is shorter but is very challenging one.

In other words: if you want to go to the other side of River Dea - go and purchase Swimming. It shortens your time used on trips.