There are 4 different types of skills in Shintolin. To acquire a skill one must spend XP of the same type. The exact amount of XP increases with the number of skills of the same type one has already acquired. Skills can be forgotten, but only once the level cap is reached. No experience is given if a skill is forgotten.

Skill progression table Edit

Acquired skills of same type XP for next skill
0 60
1 90
2 120
3 150
4 180
5 210
6 270
7 300
8 330

Wanderer skills Edit


See the availability of resources when searching.

  • When searching you will receive a message stating the area has either 'abundant', 'average' or 'limited' resources, if not 'picked clean'.


obtain more meat from slain animals

  • Requires Foraging
  • When killing an animal, you will recieve a message stating how much raw meat you have obtained. With Butchering, that number is lower than the actual amount you will find in your inventory.


Animals and people are visible on the map screen.

  • Requires Foraging
  • When the large map screen is open, the locations of nearby animals and people are shown.

Forest WalkEdit

Reduces the AP cost to move through forest squares.


Scale cliffs, and reduced AP cost to move through hill and mountain squares.

  • Requires Forest Walk
  • Lowers the AP cost of moving up a level of height in hill squares by 1.


Reduces the AP cost to move through water squares, and can enter deep water.

  • Requires Forest walk
  • Lowers the AP cost of moving through water squares by 1. Deep water can also be entered


Halves the AP cost to chop down trees.


Can establish new settlements.

Herbalist skills Edit

Tea MakingEdit

Create revitalising herbal teas.

  • Allows the herbalist to craft a Cup of herbal tea, which revives dazed characters more effectively and requires less resources to create.

Herb LoreEdit

Thyme sprigs heal more damage.


See the health level of injured people.

  • Requires Herb Lore


When in a hospital building, can heal more effectively, and create healing items for less AP.

  • Requires Herb Lore


Establish new hospitals in longhouse buildings.

  • Requires Medicine


Dig fields, plant and tend crops.


Bake bread.

Crafter skills Edit


Quarry boulders from cliffs.

  • Boulders can be crafted into stone blocks.

Stone WorkingEdit

Craft stone blocks, millstones, and masonry tools.

  • Requires Quarrying
  • Stone blocks are used to buld stone buildings and millstones are used to grind wheat into flour for baking


Convert workshops into stonemasonries; Build stone buildings.

  • Requires Stone Working


Craft clay pots.


Build longhouses within settlements.


Build dirt tracks.

  • Requires Construction
  • Trailblazing is also used to build signposts


Create stone axes, stone spears and stone carpentry tools; crafting costs less AP when in a workshop.


Cut logs into timber and make superior wooden tools; crafting costs less AP when in a workshop.

  • Requires Hafting


Convert longhouses into workshops.

  • Requires Carpentry

Divine InspirationEdit

Convert huts into Hunter's Shrines.

  • Requires Artisanship
  • Also used to build other shrines


Grind wheat into flour.

Warrior skills Edit

Basic Shin-JitsuEdit

Fists hit with an additional 10% accuracy.

Skilled Shin-JitsuEdit

Fists do +1 damage.

  • Requires Basic Shi-Jitsu

Advanced Shin-JitsuEdit

fists hit with an additional 10% accuracy

  • Requires Skilled Shin-Jitsu

Elite Shin-JitsuEdit

fists do an additional +1 damage

  • Requires Advanced Shin-Jitsu

Basic SpearEdit

Spears do +1 damage.

Skilled SpearEdit

Spears hit with +10% accuracy.

  • Requires Basic Spear

Advanced SpearEdit

Spears do an additional +1 damage.

  • Requires Skilled Spear

Elite SpearEdit

Spears hit with an additional +10% accuracy.

  • Requires Elite Spear

Basic AxeEdit

Axes do +1 damage.

  • Note: Axes are the only weapon that can currently damage buildings

Skilled AxeEdit

Axes hit with +10% accuracy.

  • Requires Basic Axe

Advanced AxeEdit

Axes do an additional +1 damage.

  • Requires Skilled Axe

Elite AxeEdit

Axes hit with an additional +10% accuracy.

  • Requires Advanced Axe