Stonetown is a mighty settlement located in the Northern Crags, the heart of the empire of stone. It was founded long ago by Sisyphus, who really liked to push boulders around.

There were once a bunch of cottages around the area, but they fell apart and Stonetown was left as nothing more than a totem pole. Kyu came and started rebuilding the place, totally walling it in. After Piehaven was attacked by zergs, Azale took refuge here, and got a little bit annoyed at being walled in. Then Sisyphus came back and kyu disappeared, and Sisyphus went to sleep and Ivar the Boneless became the leader of the town.

Under Ivar's totally awesome leadership, Stonetown rose to become the center of a great empire, building strong walls to keep themselves safe from bandits and zergs. They staunchly remained neutral in the wars that ravaged the land, trading peacefully with all and avoiding the wrathful eye of the Altan Ord.

Sisyphus also accidentally invented fermentation, and Azale attempted to duplicate the attempt without success. Urist McDwarf went insane trying to find the hidden booze and broke several random huts nearby searching for it.