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The beauty of a marsh cannot be denied. Nor can the smell.

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The settlement described on this page has long since been erased from the world – good luck finding the ruins!

Strongholm, a bastion of hope - in a swamp. Despite its rough appearance, you may find that this settlement contains plenty of resources, an abundance of cultural heritage sites, and a multitude of civilized and refined people.


The Founding of StrongholmEdit

Strongholm was founded July 19th, 2009, by Miss Elainious, Crowbar, and Hawke, in the Eastern Marshes. The legend goes that one dark night a fiery young redhead was hunting for food to support her husband Crowbar and her son Hawke. As she foraged across the river near their hut she wandered into a glade surrounded by marshes. Young Miss Elainious, half drunk from fermented chestnut mead, reached into her pocket to get the stone that her husband Crowbar had written the name for a new village ... if she found a suitable location.

In her state she looked blurry eyed at the stone and said "I de...decl...*hic* ...declare thee Stongholm" and planted the totem pole along with her face in the ground next to it. Her husband found her and nursed her back to health, and after a heated debate and Crowbar taking the blame for his poor hand writing, they decided to rename it "Strongholm," a compromise from "Stronghold," what Crowbar wrote, and "Holm," which means "Swamp".

Henceforth, the name of the village was changed from "Stongholm" to "Strongholm" .... meaning "Citadel on the Moors" or "Marsh Fortress."

Miss Elainious soon became the first leader of the new community.

The founding of a colonyEdit

The brave frontiersmen that built Strongholm soon decided that they would build a colony, in order to extend the already plentiful wealth and glory of the original settlement. So, North Strongholm were founded on the 24th of July 2009. Crowbar, the alleged husband of Miss Elainious, soon became the leader of the village.

Unity ConflictEdit

In early August, after a series of strange and foul events, a decision was made to take control of Crimson Edge, together with Strongholm's ally Deadwood. This decision was caused by a multitude of things, including the fact that one of Deadwood's members had been unrightfully dazed while travelling. Another factor were that Crimson Edge had recently become somewhat of a haven for various lowlives and shady figures.

Members from Deadwood and Strongholm soon dazed two known criminals hiding in the area. They also found several members of the settlement dazed. A conclusion was made that Crimson Edge was no longer safe for travellers and it's own members alike. Therefore, a non-hostile takeover was made, the original members undazed and the village was renamed Unity, in order to highlight Strongholm's and Deadwood's ideas about a peaceful society. Plans for a hospital and new longhouse for visitors and ambassadors are already underway. Hawke, supposed son of Miss Elainous and Crowbar, took over the leadership of North Strongholm. These events sparked a large conflict on the Shintolin forum.

Battle of the giantsEdit

On the 4th of August, despite several proposals for peace and the construction of a hospital in Unity, the conflict were taken to a new, dangerous level. Troops were soon sent from Citrus Hill, moving towards the marshes that Strongholm villagers call home.

Peace at lastEdit

Only a few hours after the battle had ensued, the leaders of the enemy faction were fortunately wise enough to realise that a war would be very bad, for all of Shintolin. Therefore, an agreement was finally reached:

  • Unity would be renamed Crimson Unity.
  • Crowbar and the Deadwood - Strongholm coalition's troops would stay for the moment.
  • When the Crimson Clan were able to lead, Strongholm and their allies would return to the settlements.

A village in the marshes?Edit

To the casual observer, the eastern marshes appear to be one of the most inhospitable terrains, desolate of anything but the most simple and disgusting life forms. However, a longer and harder look would reveal a world teeming with all sorts of interesting and exotic life forms, displaying a vast array of behaviour and lifestyles.

With no past research into the mysteries of the marshlands, very little is currently known about this wonderful place, just waiting for its secrets to be revealed to the wider world. With the development of the settlement of Strongholm in the Eastern Marshes, it is hoped the marshlands will soon surrender many of their secrets.