The Draugr Nation was founded by a sizable tribe of wayward Vikings (actually a number of players from the game Quarantine 2019). The nation's first city, and current capital is Draugrskog. With the settling of its second village, Draugrvik, the tribe became the first in Shintolin to establish a true nation. Since that time they have gone on to create the new settlement of Draugrskaal becoming the first ones to create a tri-settlement nation.


The Draugr Nation participated and won the first war in Shintolin entitled The Bunny War and were heavily involved in the Nexal War.

History of the Jarls:

Pre History, Founding of Draugrskog, Draugrvik

The Captn, "Jarl of Jarls" (retired)

Jarl of Draugvik, Noxican.


After the Bunny war,founding of Draugrskaal and the Nexal conflict:

Jarls of Draugrskog and the Draugr: Noxican.(retired after the conflict)

Jarless of Draugrvik: Elsie Do Goodz.

Jarl of Draugrskaal: Strom.


The Pancake Knights,The Maruaders and the Nexal War Band and associates conflict. Destruction of Draugrskog and Draugrvik and the abandonment of Draugrskaal:

Jarless of Draugrskog and the Draugr: Elsie Do Goodz.

Jarless of Draugrvik: Rosie McGowan and then Elsie Do Goodz.


Founding of the new Draugrskog and the reclaimation of Draugrskaal:

Jarless of Draugrskog: Elsie Do Goodz.



Jarl of Draugrskaal and the Draugr: Strom.

Jarless of Draugrskog: Elsie Do Goodz.


Politics constantly change with the times, but one thing they have always stayed allied with are the forests in the region. They are held as sacred and attacks against them is an attack against the Draugr. The nation is governed by a feudal system in which each city is managed by a Jarl that watches over the day to day tasks and future planning of their village  with a King that oversees and governs all Jarls and plans the future direction of the nation as a whole.

For diplomacy or other issues they can be reached at their forums here: Draugr Nation Forums


The Epic of the Wayward TribeEdit

The history of the Draugr, as all good viking tales, is told in a series of canticles by different authors in The Epic of the Wayward Tribe. The 'wayward' nature of the tribe in this case refers to the loss of their once proud seafaring heritage.

Canticle of the FirstEdit

We were explorers, warriors and craftsmen. In a time long past we took to the sea boldly, in search of new lands and conquests; through all manner of trials and triumphs, at the whim of gods alternately cruel, mercurial and compassionate, until at last we came upon the land of Shintolin. Something here called to us, stirring the blood like a song of valour, and we determined that this would be our new home, that we would find the source, and we would settle.

We took what we could carry, made what we would need, put fire to the longboats which had brought us so far, and headed at last into the interior. Questing we were, for something none of us could define but which all of us, through many generations could feel; at the core of us, in heart, and muscle and deep into our very bones.

Our life here was nomadic and arduous. In these many, many years we have lost much of what we were. The gleaming blades and vibrant shields of our forebears are lost to time, given leave by the necessity of the moment; the tools of expediency. Even the sea itself is now just the memory of an old tale.

Now at last we have found the thing for which we searched so long. In a valley of mists, unsullied by the footfall of men, rising into the mountains lies a forest. As the breeze sighs between the leaves and boughs, gently rustling the fallen litter, it carries with it the voices of our honoured dead. In the mists of the winter dawn and the brume of late summer evenings we see them faintly, striding proudly on their ghostly errands, the heroes of old.

It is the forest that has called to us, where the tenuous veil between this world and the next is at its most diaphanous, and where the spirits of the long-dead past can guide us into a new future.

Some desire a return to the old ways, roused by the songs that the honoured warriors sing to them of the sea, of discovery, and of conquest. Others are counselled by the sage, restrained advances of the legendary artisans, that we must build the new world as it merits, not in the image of the old.

In this new home, which we honour with the name of Draugrskog; the forest of the returned dead, we are writing the first chapter in a new saga. The first verses of an epic song... How it ends, only the gods can know.

Canticle of the SecondEdit

“Arise Jarl” sung the spirit. “Awaken now and heed me. Already the first light of dawn spears the horizon, and I have only until the sun sweeps the morning mist away.”

Stirred by the unknown voice, the Jarl shook free the heavy cloak of slumber and beheld the ethereal figure at his bedside.

“I am your father's father” it said lyrically “Jarl in my own time as you are in yours, and I bare a message. Your tribe has done well here. We guide you, as is our vocation, and as students of the old ways you have done your ancestors great honour.” it nodded slowly, then lifted its gaze in a wry smile.

“You grow too comfortable here, and perhaps we have a hand in that too, but this forest is our last link to the world of the living and we treasure it no less than you. Do you still desire to reclaim your heritage? The open sea is your birthright, but so many generations have we now been bound to this land that the knowledge of faring it is lost to you. That knowledge must be regained. You must regain it! But it can not be given you all at once; for how are you to build the longship if you do not know the feel of water under a keel? The flex and twist of crest and trough? You must learn the ways of water before you can lay claim to an ocean!” the old ghost's eyes were alive with a cold fire now.

“There is a place far to the south, where a river flows into a great lake. It is here that you must go if you wish to return to the path of your ancestors. In this forest we can teach, but only there can you put such lessons into practice.

Your time runs short, however. Other tribes move across the land and if you do not act swiftly they surely will. The mists thin now and my time too is almost done, so heed this well; I shall send you a guide, a child of the forest. It will lead you if you choose to follow, for aye, a choice this is. The path of your tribe is that of your own making. But I think I know your mind already, and it is good, son of my son” the spirit smiled proudly and in the last wisps of morning mist lifted a fading hand to the Jarl's shoulder.

The Jarl paused in thought for a few moments more. Indeed the spirit had known his mind, for there was never any doubt; but the tribe was his in trust not in thraldom, and the choice was not for him to make alone.

“Arise, my comrades!” he roared, moving through the longhouse at last. “There shall be no toil today! No fields to till, nor wood to cut! No axe shall be hefted or spear thrown, for today we convene the Thing!”

A white wolf sat patiently in the centre of the village, larger than any seen before in living memory. All knew it for what it was; for the Thing had been short, the story told, the vote unanimous and the day and night passed in feasting and celebration.

Flanked by a contingent of warriors, craftsmen and the wise village healer, the Jarl turned at last to their guide and nodded “We are ready”.

The wolf rose gently, so as not to disturb the livestock, ears perked up and tongue lolling it began to lope effortlessly through the sacred forest, heading south, with a small parade of eager tribesmen following in its wake. The Jarl smiled at the sight, and at the thought of reclaiming their lost heritage, knowing that with the certain will of the gods it would be so.



The former village of Draugrskog

Capital of the Draugr Nation, Draugrskog lies in the Central West of the known world in a region known as The Midlands. It is sited roughly West of Vackra Alskade and North West of Citrus Hill.Although not rich in resources it has two small hills located near the settlement and patches of forest close by. The village itself was established within the confines of the Forest of the Returned Dead, a sacred site which the citizens avoid exploiting in deference to their honoured ancestors; the ghosts of whom inhabit the forest and guide the villagers in their everyday lives.

The degenerating Draugrskog was attacked and destroyed by a loose coalition of players and groups in an unprovoked attack. The village was destroyed and all the supplies were looted by various groups and individual with an ongoing grude against the Draugr. The attackers were mainly reliant on the steal/swarm model of attacking that was succesful against Vacka Aslaklade. They then attempted to destroy the township of Draugrvik but failed due to the new counter griefer techniques developed by the few remaining Draugr.

Draugrskog has restablished in another location.



The village of Draugrvik

The second city of the Draugr Nation, Draugrvik lies in the Central West to South West of the known world, on a very thin spit of land between the Northern shore of Hermit Lake and The Winding River, It is sited South West of the captial Draugrskog, and West along the lake shore from Citrus Hill.

Once extremely hard-pressed for resources, a small spit of arable land between the lake and untamable wilderness, This village relied largely on the nation's capital to supply it. Now largely self sufficient and having access to most of its needs 'vik is the primary supplier of food to the Draugr Nation.

The village is established in a prime spot where a great river flows from the north into Hermit Lake. It was once far-flung outpost on the very edge of the known world, now it grants secure access to the lake so that the tribe can take the first steps toward recovering their lost seafaring traditions. It is hoped that the village will one day Shintolin's great center of ship construction, trade and industry. Already it boasts the full range of technologies available at this time and is ready for the next great leap forward.

The last remaining and depopulated outpost of the Draugr was destroyed by the defeated and still bitter nexals and has reverted back to grasslands. The eventual destruction of the village marked the longest period of resistance to attack in this game. Only a handful of Draugr assisted by some former allies especially the player Roderick resisted a far greater number of grouped and ungrouped attackers. The sudden destruction of the village was not achieved until the games mechanic changed to enable much easier destruction of buildings. It fell within a few hours of the update.



The village of Draugrskaal

The third city of the Draugr Nation, this Viking mining town is in the region known as The Westwood. It is hidden in a thick forest sheltered by high cliffs.  One can get there by going from Draugrskog and heading directly west or by going northwest from Draugrvik. These three settlements create a triangle between the three and the Draugr consider the land between them theirs by right and strongly patrol and protect it. The creation of this city was quite the task during it's construction as a place had to be found that minimized damage to the local forest but also gave the Draugr access to rich stone deposits in the region.

Draugrskaal's inhabitants left the area until a mechanism of anti griefing was introduced to the game. The former site of Draugrskaal was taken over and renamed by wandering folk.

The township is reclaimed by former founders of the Draugrskaal, Strom and Suzy. The village returns to its viking heritage and the leadership of the Draugr is handed from the war weary Elsie Do Goodz to Strom.