The Feral Hills are located north of the Midlands and considered as part of The Highlands. The region is full of different sized hills and is currently the location of one settlement, Brookhaven. In the south-west of the region the settlement of Garhepsted once stood, nestled in the hills, built upon the same site as the still-older settlement, Hillside Tavern. The Feral Hills were at one time the home of three settlements - Deadwood, Hillside Tavern and Crimson Unity. A fourth settlement resided in the region, too, but was abandoned due to bad location on top of the hill (as longhouses need flat ground to be built on - and hill sides and tops aren't flat)

Feral Hills Map

The Feral Hills. Note that the gray area is not part of the region

History of RegionEdit

The name of The Feral Hills comes from the origin of the Shadow Tribe, the inhabitants of Deadwood (first settlement that wasn't destroyed soon afterwards). The founders of Shadow Tribe preferred to call themselves "Feral Undead" before landing in Shintolin and thus wanted to keep their name alive in the region.

The first settlement founded in The Feral Hills (then unnamed region) was Hysteria in mid Summer, Year 1. As Shadow Tribe had claimed the hills as their home long before Hysteria's foundation they burned the settlement in early Autumn and build their own on the ashes of Hysteria in late Autumn.

Right on the South-Western edge of Feral Hills lay Hillside Tavern, second settlement founded in Feral Hills region in Mid Summer, Year 2. The third settlement, Crimson Edge (which became Crimson Unity), was founded few years later in mid Summer, Year 5. The next settlement to the addition was Tonkytown on the northernmost hill which was destroyed years later. The settlement of Garhepsted was much later founded in the same valley between the hills as Hillside Tavern, although no prior knowledge of this past settlement was known, in Late Winter, Year 47.


  • Because of the many hills in the area the region is good place to search for flint and stones.
  • The region lacks forests, making the members of settlements to find wood from South.
  • The second lake in Shintolin - Lake Chuckles - lies in the middle of Feral Hills.
  • The river which passes through Vackra Alskade starts from The Feral Hills.