The Keltons are an ethnic group that hold thier roots in Serenity Valley. They consist of: Old Kirradeans , the Kashad, and other Westwood tribes.

Origins Edit

The Keltonic elders trace thier roots all the way back to Serenity Valley, but back then they were known as the Overlanders. When Serenity Valley was sacked, a few Survivors fled to the Midlands where they built Kirrad, and thus the Kelton bloodline began. When Kirrad was sacked, the Kirradeans fled to the Westwood where they became the Kashad tribe. While the Keltons came from the Overlanders, they are unaffileated with them and those roots are mostly forgotten

Religion Edit

All present-day Keltons follow Kasadism (see Kashad ). The Kelton people are known as zealots who believe that thier gods are the only true ones.

Present Situation Edit

Currently, the Kelton bloodline is only being maintained by the Kashad tribe, who openly say that the Westwood is thier destined home and it is thiers to rule.