The Nexal Empire is a collection of various settlements from across Shintolin. It is currently attempting to expand its territories and resources diplomatically through the Lavian Outreach program, and has extended an open invitation toward all settlements to be amalgamated into the Empire.

The Nexal Empire
Nexal Empire
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Vital statistics
Type Empire
Location Shintolin
Inhabitants Nexals
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Once, an eternity ago, there were lands which were known collectively as the Nexus. In this Nexus, a three-sided war was ever-waging between the forces of good, evil, and neutrality. These forces manifested themselves as the nine Elder Powers: the divine Namm, Baraas, and Alonai, the neutral Marquai, Goros, and Hashaa, and the infernal Ahg-za-haru, Tlacolotl, and Tholaghru. These Powers led their angels, demons, and transcended mortals against the opposing sides until finally the Nexus reached the end of its lifespan. Just as victory had been claimed by Marquai, a small group of Nexals—citizens of the Nexus—took off into the void before their lives could be snuffed out by the End.

They emerged in Shintolin by the dozens, and quickly set up many settlements which they collectively named the Nexal Empire. The Nexals knew only war, however, and set out to spurn the natives of Shintolin into joining them in battle through cruelty. The natives refused to attack, however, and the Nexals were instead set upon by what they perceived as cowardly thieves and vandals. The Nexals, enraged at their lack of a true enemy, set out to crush all of Shintolin in hopes of provoking resistance. Their timing was poor, however, and the Nexals lost a great deal of their numbers to the Great White Fog—a plague-like fog that claimed the lives of many of Shintolin's people. This caused the Nexals to spread themselves thin and attempt to attack with numbers they did not possess. At this same time the peoples of Shintolin had mustered a resistance, the Nexal Goddess-Empress Masumi had vanished, and the Nexal territory of Northcamp refused to participate in the war. These factors set in as the fog ate away at the Nexals' morale, and the end result was the defeat of the Nexal Empire. The Nexals had achieved their war, however, and so their goal had been accomplished.

The Empire's defeat led to a schism between the Nexals. Some of the Nexals, satisfied with their war or having been opposed to it in the first place, settled into the ways of the natives of Shintolin. They began to build and farm, laughing and living out their lives in peace under the avatar of Alonai, She-Who-Walks-With-Grace. The others, however, were not content to watch the war end. Berserkas, the Tomb King of the Empire, took his greatest warriors and led them into battle again and again. He cast off the settlements of the Empire as chains which tied him down, choosing instead to live by the land and sleep in huts and cottages. These two sorts of Nexals live very different lives, but they are not hostile toward one-another.

Policies and PoliticsEdit

The policies of the Nexal Empire depend on who one asks.

Masumi, Goddess-Empress of the Nexal Empire, vanished at some point during the Great War. She still holds the title of Empress, and had very isolationist policies and political stances. Having vanished from Shintolin, her position—if not her title—has fallen to her General: Berserkas.

Berserkas, Tomb King of the Nexal Empire, is the official ruler of the Nexals. He continues to attack various settlements on a whim with his loyal warriors, and he seems to maintain no allegiances to anyone outside the Empire. He is generally aggressive in his negotiations and his policies, and views the majority of Shintolin's population with disdain.

Alonai has become something of a de facto leader in the absence of Masumi and Berserkas. Having been the caretaker of the largest Nexal settlement when the king departed, the Nexals who did not follow Berserkas into battle looked to Alonai for guidance. She holds that the Nexal Empire—War Band notwithstanding—has turned from its violent ways and seeks to unite Shintolin through peaceful means. Alonai views isolation and loneliness as a plague which is killing the population of Shintolin, and wishes to bring the people together.


The Nexal Empire currently consists of Northcamp, Arboros, Laketown Priory, McCreasburgh, what remains of St. Germaine, the capitol city of Iog, Westwood Priory, Fort Jiu, and the roaming Nexal War Band.