The following was a manifesto written by Berserkas, Tomb King of the Nexal Empire, in response to complaints and declarations of war leveled toward the Nexal Empire:

The Nexal Manifesto Edit

Hello, people of Shintolin.

It seems that there are people (or, rather, one warmonger) agitating war against us.

We know we never were the most liked bunch. It is only natural to fear of what you cannot comprehend, and fear leads to aggression. (Also, it's natural to fear a enemy which is about 10 times bigger than you.) Many, many people could not comprehend just what kind of world did we came from, and just what kind of people we are. Many tried to convince us to join their side, out of purely egoistical motives. They only saw warriors in us. That was not entirely true. Yes, we knew the art of battle better than just about everyone here, but we created, too. We built settlements, we created homes.

Then we got bored. It really seemed like one of the Good Elder Powers won the war, someone like Namm or Baraas, not Marquai. Just about any possibility of violence was met with people having fits and heart attacks. We sealed ourselves off, but that did not produce the desired effect, nor, naturally, relieved the boredom. This world was stagnant as hell, as if frozen in time (Was Marquai making experiments? Did the creation of this universe didn't quite kick in yet? I don't know.). Absolute stagnation. That can be quite annoying.

Slowly, the world got larger. We expanded, claimed new lands, braved the wilderness. Still bored, though. Then, the blizzards hit. The absolute white... it claimed many a Nexal. It was obvious that the creation of this world was far from over. The very fabric of reality was unstable. Just about the only ones who were left alive were the warriors, and a few crafters. Not seeing anything else to do, as there was really nothing else to do - they set out to do what they did best - to fight the enemies of the Empire.

This, naturally, evoked a new wave of whining and pants-shitting. People actually told me bullshit like "pkers like you ruined the game". I have yet to see ONE occasion where these so-called "pkers" even won. Just about the only serious war that was supposedly going to happen was Durnion's ploy against Strongholm, but that failed. This world is nothing but peace, and farming all the time. With the exception of the Marauders, who were a separate Nexal bandit group, toppling some now forgotten village, nearly no settlements were ever destroyed (except it seems TonkyTown, but i don't know the history behind that).

Oooooooh, no. We didn't ruin the game. YOU did. The few of you live happily in your half-empty cities, farming fields that give less wheat than you plant, and slowly and happily watch people slowly waste away and disappear. But don't worry... we're going to fix it. ooooh yes, we are. Fix this world, kickstart evolution, dynamics, and change... (You had it coming. Seriously. Don't like us? Go Exclamation yourselves. )

Watch out, Shintolin... the Nexus is coming to get you.