Ruins I don't see any place called "Eudaimonia" on the map...
The settlement described on this page has long since been erased from the world – good luck finding the ruins!

Once a prosperous city, Vackra Älskade sat between a beautiful flowing river and lush green forests. The ruins of the settlement of Oro Percorso now lay on top of the ruins, right across the river from Valour Hill.


The history of this town dates back to the beginning, being the first town to be founded in Shintolin as Eudaimonia by Eudaemon, a skilled craftsmen. The city itself is beautiful with expansive wheat fields to the north and rows of long houses for all its citizens to sleep in soundly.

People Policy: All people are welcome to stay in town whether you are just visiting or becoming a citizen. We encourage wanderers or those staying in nearby forests to visit often and trade, as well as to become citizens. We call ourselves the Älskade people, since our town is called VVackra Älskade, Beautiful Beloved. Our hope is to have friends in all places of the world, to be a place where weary travelers rest their heads. Älskades find their most common concerns to be total deforestation, and thievery from the stockpiles in the area.

Administration Against Thievry: Vackra Älskade's new administration has put into action(new guidelines that will hopefully have a more significant effect on recent patterns.) As for their new policy towards thieves, it has become harsher. While new players can make mistakes and will be warned, abuse of the stockpile by more experienced players will result in them being branded thieves. The only penalty for thievery is death. The new administration would also like to establish good relations with surrounding towns to be able to trade and offer friendship.

NEW POLICY AGAINST DEFORESTATION: Because the forest to the West of our settlement is being destroyed we have decided to take action to preserve the forest. This is to help out our neighboring settlements as with no forest we have no healing supplies, food, staves, etc.

From this point out till further notice, there is to be NO logging in this forest. To help Shintolins deforestation problem please only log from 2AP forest squares, the dark ones. If we have warned a person not to log, and they continue to clearcut their will be consequences and our Alskade Rangers will see to it. Also to be absolutely clear we ARE NOT CLAIMING this forest as our own, all people and all settlements are allowed to search here, we are just helping to preserve this forest for all of Shintolin.


NOTICE: At 19:09 GMT Vackra Älskade was destroyed by Cait, after a coup displaced Freyja. Nothing remains of what was once the oldest settlement in the history of Shintolin. For this, Cait was banned from the forums.

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