Woaarsgard is a peaceful settlement located in the Terra Nullis San.


The traveling hunters Wes Aaronson and Wookie founded Woaarsgard upon the dilapitated ruins of Araboth, the abandoned city that once flourished as part of The Nexal Empire.

Politics and CultureEdit

Woaarsgard is ruled by a single elected Chieftain who doesn't do much in terms of real leadership. He merely serves as a figurehead and diplomat for the settlement as well as a mediator for civil matters. The Chieftain is also the commander of Woaarsgard's militia in times of conflict unless he appoints another citizen as the temporary Chief of War.

Law in Woaarsgard consists of some very basic rules:

"Don't Steal" Woaarsgardians are open-handed to outsiders, but only if you ask.

"Don't Vandalize" Woaarsgardians are proud of their pretty buildings and don't want them written on by outsiders.

"Don't Attack" Woaarsgardians don't like getting injured or killed.

Breaking of any of these laws is punishable by whatever the Chieftain feels like. This includes banishment, which equates to being attacked on sight while within Woaarsgard's borders. If the Chieftain is unavailable, the role of judge is given over to the Ranger Captain, the leader of the local police force.

Self-reliance is a shared trait among Woaarsgardians, so rarely do the people in positions of power give orders to the other citizens. Coupled with this, however, is a mutual understanding between all inhabitants to keep their homeland running smoothly. Everyone does their share of the work, doing what they can and at least scavenging for materials to add to the town stockpiles if they can't do much.

As of now Woaarsgard is a peaceful nation with no enemies. That's not to say that this could change in the future, as Woaarsgardians hold no qualms to taking up arms in defense of their nation.


Wes Aaronson- Co-founder and Chieftain of Woaarsgard.

Wookie "The Wanderer"- Co-founder and Chief of Engineering.

Vinterskugge- Ranger Captain.

Annie-san- Ranger.